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The Benefits of Installing Ceramic Coatings
on Your Vehicle

Supreme performance arises when engineering prowess is coupled with skilled craftsmanship. We apply this principle to deliver the ultimate ceramic paint protection solutions for your prized vehicle. At Nick's Custom Detailing in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX, our certified installers deliver flawless, lasting results.                                                    CQuartz Finest and Modesta manufacture the most exclusive and advanced ceramic car coatings in America. We are picky and this is the stuff that "tops" a car lovers dreams!

CQuartz and Modesta coatings have revolutionized the way you can protect your paint. Originally, you would have had to wash your car every couple months and apply a new layer of wax or sealant to bring back shine and keep your clear-coat protected from the elements. This was a labor-intensive activity or expensive service to purchase regularly. Ceramic coatings push boundaries to a new level by delivering exponentially improved protection and durability.

Ceramic coatings are advanced crosslink liquid polymers that bond to your paint at a molecular level. This creates a new permanent layer of protection on your paint job, essentially like applying a second, stronger clear-coat your paint.

Coatings keep your vehicle cleaner longer and makes washing your paint a breeze.
The ingenious engineers working to create the fine coatings offered through Modesta and Cquartz have designed these ceramic coatings to be ridiculously hydrophobic. The word “hydrophobic” is derived from the word “hydrophobia” which literally means “the fear of water”.
The hyper-hydrophobic properties of CQuartz’s and Modesta ceramic coatings repel water like no other. This allows dirt, mud, tar, and other contaminants to be repelled as well, keeping your paint cleaner longer in between washes.
By making it harder for contaminants to stick to your automobile, this hyper-hydrophobic technology will make washing your vehicle a lot easier and faster. The water and soap alone will easily pick up dirt and sheet it right off your vehicles paint surface.
A Shield Against Bird Drops, Tree Sap, Stains and Etching
We have chosen to use CQuartz and Modesta because they are among the thickest and most chemically resistant coatings available today. Each are capable of withstanding years of acidic effect from even the worst bird drops and other acidic contaminants that would otherwise leave etching stains on your clear coat.
This high-resistance to chemicals means these ceramic coatings won’t wash off even after hundreds of car washes. After all, they are 100 times thicker than wax!
Protection Against UV Rays and Oxidation
In Dallas/Forth Worth, TX, our cars are bombarded year round with strong UV rays that accelerate the oxidation process. Oxidation can result in paint discoloration and heavy gloss loss. Fortunately, ceramic coatings are UV resistant and will absorb the UV rays, repelling oxidation for years!

Our Ceramic Car Coatings

CQuartz Professional
Want the “Wet Look” that lasts for years? CQuartz Professional stays clean longer than competing products, and provides years of extreme protection.
Protects against UV rays, and oxidation, oil and water stains and marks, brake dust and iron contaminants, abrasion and weathering, bugs, tar, iron, dust, dirt, & bird bombs.
Water spots can be a challenge for other products In the ceramic coating industry, but no durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than CQuartz’ line of Professional coatings.
The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier!
Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!
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CQuartz Finest Reserve
During the creation of Finest Reserve, no expense was spared in developing an entirely new nanotechnology available nowhere else in the world.  With CQuartz two latest Professional coatings, the next generation of paint protection is here.
When Finest Reserve is selected, there is only one option for preparation of the vehicle.  All Finest installers have commited to fully prep, decontaminate, and polish the surface to the highest level possible before application of Finest Reserve to enhance it even further!
Furthermore, a mandatory 2 coats are applied (at a minimum) and heat cured at a consistent 140° F via IR cure lamps for the ultimate automotive enhancement and protectio
Finest Reserve provides a gloss that lasts for years, provides stain resistance, hydrophobicity, gloss, and creates a dirt-repellency not possible with any other method of protection.
Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle, sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come!
Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle, sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come!
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Modesta Coating is a highly unique clear hard glass layer for automotive paints with a durability of up to 10 years!
Modesta Coating protects your vehicles paint from all kinds of damage including wash-induced damages, scratches, oxidation, sap, watermarks, salts, acids and even permanent ink and paints.
Its strong water-repellent properties also promote the self-cleaning effects producing longer lasting depth & shine.
The Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating can even be applied to the most advanced and sophisticated paint systems, such as Nissan Scratch Shield, Lexus' self-restoring coat and Mercedes ceramic paint.
Products of the Modesta range create a hard, glass-like layer on the clear coat of your vehicle. This thick layer is composed of high grade silicium produced by a special chemical reaction at the time of application. It acts as a impenetrable barrier, protecting the paint from all adverse affects of the environment.
No matter how hard the clear coat layer on your vehicle may be – Modesta adds hardness to it and the layer created will always be harder than the finish of your vehicle itself.
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Ridiculously Glossy
We can’t talk about ceramic coatings without mentioning the deep gloss and amazing shine they add to vehicle’s paint. Your vehicle will maintain that freshly waxed look year-round and for years to come!
A Lifelong Solution
Ceramic car coatings have been engineered to dramatically outlast waxes and sealants. Our large selection of CQuartz and Modesta ceramic paint coatings can last anywhere from 3-Years up to 10-Years, effectively lasting the entire car ownership lifecycle.
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