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Award-Winning Car Detailing, Ceramic Coating, & Paint Correction at Your Finger Tips in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Ceramic Paint Protection You Can Trust
Ceramic coatings for cars are currently the ultimate enhancement for automotive paint. They deliver relentless protection against loss of gloss, color fading, aging, and also micro-swirl-marks.

Automotive paint coatings repel dirt and other contaminants helping you keep your car's paint cleaner and shiner much longe in between each washes.
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Driven by perfection.
We are Nick's Custom Detailing, an extraordinary team of performance driven people who prize their craft and honor their passion for bringing life back into your ride and helping to reignite the exhilaration you have for driving!
Our advanced automotive ceramic coatings deliver the best protection for your vehicle, new or old, and help maintain its flawless shine and gloss in a way unlike any other product can in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Our chosen CQuartz and Modesta coats are top of the line, the highest quality ceramic coatings designed to preserve your paint by protecting it against virtually any environmental pollutant that could damage your finish and they last for up to 10-Years.

Our Story

Nick's Custom Detailing is the leading automotive detailing company in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Run by skilled craftsmen specializing in restorative paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, chrome polishing, high-end interior and exterior automotive detailing, headlight restoration and pretty much all other detailing services meant to restore your car’s original glory. Our mission is to restore that "better than" factory look and feel of your car while bringing back the thrill of enjoying a brand new car - without the payments.

Our detailing specialists are characterized by a passion and desire for pushing barriers and accepting no limits. With years spent mastering the craft and learning the industry’s secrets, we guarantee your vehicle will receive the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results! From stained carpets to paint defects, scratches and swirls, we have the latest tools and know-how to make them a thing of the past. You will be amazed by our ability to restore your vehicles finish to it's ultimate state.

We believe in offering the most hassle-free service and in order to achieve that goal we also offer mobile detailing. Our skilled technicians come to service your vehicle in home or at your place of business; from the comfort of your home or office, receive the best interior automotive cleaning, full-service car wash and extensive exterior detailing. For higher-end services like ceramic coatings, clear bra installations and paint corrections we have at your disposal a 5,000 sq. ft. detailing studio located in the heart of Dallas/Forth Worth, TX.

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