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Our mobile car detailing units are 100% self-contained, which allows us to perform the highest quality work at a location best suited for you! Your detailing needs (including but not limited to) exterior detailing, engine cleaning, carpet shampooing, interior cleaning, headlight restoration, and just about everything in between, can be performed on site.
We provide both electricity and water--using only filtered water which ensures a 100% water-spot free finish. Nick’s Custom Detailing provides this fully mobile service so that your schedule remains your own and your prized possessions stay close at hand.

It is important to note that not all services can or will be provided at mobile locations. Some services such as ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and paint correction require a much more controlled atmosphere in order to attain ultimate results. But don’t sweat it because our 5000 square foot detailing studio is located in Bedford, right in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Our Packages


Wash & Go “Clean It Up”

So, you don’t enjoy washing your own vehicle and you want a step up from the drive-thru washes? We’ve got you covered!

This package includes a good old-fashioned hand cleaning of your automobiles exterior, while giving a light touch-up to the interior.

Starting at $95
Time Requirement: 1.5hrs
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Maintenance Detail “Protect & Shine”

Your automobile is hand washed using the safest and most effective products in which we have hand-selected and we are picky!

We then dry everything with a blower and, the softest of soft, micro-fiber towels.

Don’t fret, door jambs, trunk, and hood edges are included. A wax + sealant is applied to add gloss and protection from UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Wheels and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned. Tires are cleaned and dressed.

Engine is given a light touch-up. To top off the exterior portion of the service, we add a coat of rain repellent to the windows and side-view mirrors.

Although this package does not focus on interior services, it does include a meticulous vacuuming and cleaning of all glass surfaces.

When done regularly, this detail package will keep you riding in style!

Starting at ///
Time Requirement: 2-3hrs
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Level Up Detail “Clean Freak”

This package will breathe life back into your automobile, inside and out! Everything included in our “Protect & Shine” package is included here.

The difference is, after a thorough wash, we will remove tar, sap, and other exterior contaminants.

All interiors are then addressed. Carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

All leather and vinyl are cleaned and conditioned, while any plastic or other surfaces are made free from dirt and debris.

We highly recommend “Clean Freak” for automobiles driven on a daily basis.

Starting at ///
Time Requirement: 3-5hrs
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Enhancement Detail “High Maintenance”

This is the part where our skills and love of what we do really start to shine, literally!  

After some serious clay bar paint decontamination and a full exterior cleaning (everything included in the packages listed above), we gently machine polish your automobile to remove light swirl marks and add lots of shine.

This is ideal for new and used cars alike.

Starting at ///
Time Requirement: 6-9hrs
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Interior Only

The best it’s looked since it was new! We begin by blowing out all cracks and crevices.

Then we remove floor mats and vacuum every vacuum-able surface.

Carpets are spot treated and shampooed as needed.

Plastics, vinyl and leather are cleaned and conditioned appropriately.

Glass is left sparkling clean.

Starting at ///
Time Requirement: 1.5-2hrs
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Headlight Restoration

Today’s polycarbonate headlights, while stronger than the old-school glass style, can be hard to keep clear.

Lackluster, yellowed headlights are primarily the result of exposure to UV light, and road debris.

They are a hazard to you and those around you, as they can obscure your visibility and make it harder for you to be seen.

Our headlight restoration service is often times more affordable than buying replacement lights and look just as good.

Starting at ///
Time Requirement: 3-5hrs
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Why Choose our Mobile Auto Detailing Service?

Nick's Custom Detailing's desire to push boundaries does not stop at making detailing as convenient as possible. Our team of passionate detailers is driven by perfection with a deep desire to bring back the same joy you had when you first drove off the lot with your brand new car. Each of our car detailers has years of experience perfecting their craft and have gone through the extensive training to ensure your vehicles receives the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results the first time and every time thereafter.

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